Further products

Roll measurement

Vollmer manufactures the VSL systems for fully automatic measurement of the roll geometry during dressing on the grinding machine, as well as traversable straddle gauges for offline measurement that are placed onto the roll.

The VSL roll measuring devices measure the shape, diameter, roundness and eccentricity of the rolls online during dressing on the grinding machine. They achieve the very highest precision: They measure the shape, radial run-out and eccentricity with a measuring precision of ± 1 µm. They can communicate with the controller of the roll grinding machine and thus enable even more cost-effective use of the grinding machine.

The modular design allows different supply variants:

  • Stand-alone system including the software for evaluation and visualisation
  • Supply of the mechanical equipment with the basic software for evaluation of the raw data
  • Supply of the mechanical equipment alone, for example for companies that modernise or overhaul grinding machines and produce the complete control system themselves

If equipped with an optional C-sensor, it is possible to measure the height and lateral alignment of the roll on the grinding machine before grinding, and so to significantly reduce the set-up time.


The VFR traversable straddle gauges are used for offline measurement. They are placed onto the roll and moved manually, measuring the shape of the rolls from crown edge to crown edge. They are characterised by a high measurement point density of 1 mm and a high repetition accuracy of up to ± 1 µm.

At a glance:

  • Online measurement of the roll geometry
  • µm precision
  • Modular expansion levels