Strip shape

Automatic flatness control (AFC)

Quality through highly dynamic control

The use of flatness measurement alone without control already noticeably increases productivity because strip breaks can be effectively prevented or the mill can be operated at the maximum possible speed for the particular shape. If the mill has the necessary adjusting elements, the automatic flatness control (AFC) system results in a further improvement in quality. Control results of ± 4 I-units referred to the respective nominal curve are realistic.

With our detailed know-how of the interplay between measurement, control and rolling mill, we are one of the few manufacturers able to supply complete systems for the strip shape – from the sensor through to control of the adjusting elements.

From the pivoting of the rolls through to the combination of pivoting, bending, shifting of the intermediate rolls and zone cooling and far more – we have a command of the whole spectrum of shape control.

Integrating the software into the customer's hardware architecture as a virtual machine contributes significantly to the high availability and ease of maintenance of the whole system.