Strip shape

Segment roll

Extremely smooth running

We have developed segment rolls for shape measurement in stretch, bending and levelling lines Thanks to the extremely smooth running of the outer rings of the individual segment bodies, they do not require an auxiliary drive even with low strip tension and wrap angles.

At a glance:

  • Measurement with low strip tension
  • Can be used on dry strip

The principle

Shape measurement is continuous and highly precise. The segment bodies, each corresponding to a measuring zone, can be selected in widths of 33, 50 or 100 mm.

Each segment body consists of a coated outer ring which is mounted on the inner base ring via ball bearings. This is guided by a ball bearing system on the rigid central axis. A force sensor using strain gauge technology is built into the axis of each segment body on which the bearing is supported. The sensors measure the resulting radial force of the strip there for each measuring zone.

The data is transmitted to the flatness computer through the rigid central axis of the roller. Communication with the system technology is via Profinet, TCP/IP or analogue and digital I/Os.